Aesmo Factory Fernando E. Line SI 144 Powsurfboards


SI 144:

The SI Series are perfect All-Mountain-Boards, which features round and pintails. This shape is made for tree and pillow runs and steep terrain as well.

Length: 144 cm Dimensions: Nose 34 cm, Waist 28.1cm, 29.6cm Planing Surface Area: 4104 cm² Base: Perlatech PG 8223 Sintered, Factory wax Top sheet: OCB 8210 Core: CNC Machined 3D Popular Wood core Channels: ATC Channel FL2.3 Construction: Glass fiber Conditions: 10cm or Deeper Flex: Medium Graphics by Fernando Elvira Package Incl. a Pad and Leash plug.

** Leash NOT included


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