Faction 2022 Junior Ct Candide 1.0 Ski

The CT 1.0 JR packs full premium quality into a youth-oriented model. The ski comes complete with many of the same tech features as seen in the original CT 1.0. The Poplar/Beech wood core provides loads of energy and dampening for high-speed carving and big-jump-stomping; Elliptical Sidecut and Surf Zones prevent edge-hook (fewer spills, more thrills); and the Full-Strength Sidewall, tip & tail cap, and 2.2 mm edges ensure this ski stands up to frequent abuse. This ski is for the young prodigal skiers, following in the footsteps of their hero, Candide Thovex.

You'll love this ski if: You like to hit every feature that you can find (the mountain is your playground), You want a ski that is fun and easy to progress, you want a ski that is easy to turn in all conditions

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