Mtl Bboard Yoga Shape With Stopper Balance Board


Largeur : 27 pouces / 35 cm
Longueur :  13,75 pouces / 69 cm
Poids : 1,91 KG / 4,21 livres

We are offering different board shapes to provide diversity and a bigger range of products. However, the size of the boards is similar. The use and difficulty do not vary according to the shape.


The YOGA SHAPE has the largest surface of all our boards. This one allow you to take part in a greater variety of positions. It is perfect for all YOGA and PILATE adepts who want to improve their proprioception.


It is an excellent tool for practicing different poses, especially those on the floor. Its light weight will allow you to carry it wherever you want. You can easily put it away with your yoga mat or even hang it on the wall. Everyone can use it from the age of 8 years old.


The board includes a roll (0.75 KG / 1.65 pounds) made of durable materials for a smooth and quiet ride. Each board has stoppers, but these can be removed if you wish. However, for your safety, we do not recommend it.


Our balance boards are hand made with 100% recycled wood. They are made right here in Montreal. We recover Russian cherry plywood, a wood of high structural quality. This one meets the highest standards of the wood industry and allows a resistance of more than 300 lbs. You can use this board inside and out. When you are not using it, you should keep it inside to maintain the board in good condition.



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