Nikita Women 2021 Evergreen Eco Bib Pant


The Nikita Evergreen Eco Bibs are built with an eye to keeping our planet ever green, swapping out some of the harsher and more resource-consuming parts of the construction process for gentler alternatives. The Solution Dye fabric is made in a process that saves water, and the traditional insulation has been replaced with Thermore Ecodown, a synthetic down made from 100% post-consumer plastic. In addition to all of that conscientious manufacturing, the Evergreen Eco Bibs are also darn good bibs, with 20k waterproofing, durable construction, an ergonomic articulated cut, and a zippered drop seat for your convenience. Bib up, and ride out into the pines.

Thermore Ecodown | 40g – Ecodown® has traditionally been the sustainable alternative to down feathers. Now Thermore® takes the next step towards sustainability by converting the Ecodown® product line to fully recycled content, derived exclusively from PET water bottles. The new Ecodown® is the only synthetic product in the market to be made from 100%, post-consumer plastic bottles


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