Planks X Woodsy 2021 Drop-In Riding Hoodie

$111.99 $139.95
Rain or shine, Woodsy loves skiing in a loose fitting hoodie... it must be a Sheffield thing. His signature Drop-In Riding Hoodie squeezes all the tech and features you’ll need for a day on the hill, into a legit streetwear style.

Classic cotton hoodies soak-up water like a sponge and get wet and heavy. This is made from recycled polyester with a water repellent DWR coating. So, with the exception of a downpour or snowstorm you'll probably stay dry and comfortable. Normal hoodies are useless for storing stuff, but your cell phone and lift ticket will fit nicely in this one's zip-up kangaroo pocket. Then there's the hood toggle, a feature you'll never truly appreciate until your otherwise perfectly spotted landing gets obstructed by a flapping hood. It's pretty much a hoodie, just much better.
Product code: OHP028A20AH010-XXS
Materials: 100% Recycled Polyester
Loose Fit
DWR durable water repellant coating
2 Way stretch fabric
Lift pass pocket
Zip-close kangaroo pocket
Hood toggle - no more blind landings

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