What's up friends,

We firmly believe it is extremely important to listen and practice the government recommendations regarding C-19. The situation is serious. However, hanging out for 24 hrs a day in isolation in front of a blue screen can also have a negative on you.

While respecting the recommendations, please stay active, get fresh air... play outside. It will help you both physically and mentally. We will get through this and you will be better off in the end if you take care of yourself.

As you know, the Boutique is closed temporarily BUT our online shopping is firing on all cylinders. If you need any items for your activities that is available from AXIS let us know. There will even be a small surprise for you at the end ;) (at check-out).

Still available for your orders through Messenger, IG, par text 1-450-914-4264 phone 1-450-227-9988 or by email : scott@axisboutique.com.

Scott and Phil

#buylocal = #localinvestment

Stay safe everyone and see you soon!