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Hey groms and grommets we are very happy top annonce that the Junior Games are back for 2020. Same format, see details below. Cheers

Here is the information regarding the breakdown of the events:

***** Avila schedule will be 30 min in advance (8h30 start...)

- 9:00AM to 10:000AM Registration

10:05AM to 10:35AM Cours inspection

- 10:35AM to 11h35AM Mixed Practice (ski and snow all ages)

All participants will have 2 runs, best score of the two runs counts.

Run order are as follows:

Run 1 - Category 7-9yrs SNOW - 11h45:00AM

Run 1 - Category 7-9yrs SKI - 11h55:05AM

Run 1 - Category 10-11yrs SNOW - 12:05AM.......

Run 1 - Category 10-11yrs SKI - 12:15AM.......

Run 1 - Category 12-13yrs SNOW - approx 12:25AM

Run 1 - Category 12-13yrs SKI - approx 12:35AM

Run 1 - Category 14-15yrs SNOW - approx 12:45AM

Run 1 - Category 14-15yrs SKI - approx 12:55AM

Run 1 - Category 16+yrs SNOW - approx 13:05AM

Run 1 - Category 16+yrs SKI - approx 13:15AM


Run 2 - Category 7-9yrs SNOW - approx 13:30

Run 2 - (same orders as run 1 snow / ski / ages)


(Everything will run without pause, so please take note of your category and time. ** Start time may change according to numbers of riders in each categorie!)

Podium results will be around 15h30 (3h30PM)

For any other questions or info, please don't hesitate to contact Anik or Scott at 450-227-9988by email or by texto: 14509144264


*To help speed up registrations, pre-register online or in-store! ( please make sure you enter the participant's info in the comment box ) For registration online, please indicate in the comments / notes box the complete name and date of birth of the participant

** PLEASE take note that ALL PARTICIPANTS (ski and snow) must be registered members of the FSQA (ski) or AQS (snow) to be eligible to participate. This is for insurance purposes.

To register:



Registered Athletes: