Everything you need to enjoy spring riding !

Snow is melting... a bit too fast this year. Everyday, we are wishing for a snowstorm to appear on the forecast. We all want to see that huge storm that’s gonna add some day to the riding season. However, for now, we’re pretty stoked on the spring conditions and the sun shining! We made a list so you can make sure to have everything to enjoy the spring skiing season as much as you can!

To properly enjoy a slushy day:

- Sunglasses :


A hoodie or a shirt, cause spring is the stylish season.


- Thin gloves, because it’s gonna get hot in there !


A phone case, so you can make it to the end of the day and post all these Instagram Stories.

- Sommet Saint-Sauveur Park Pass  ;)

- Sunscreen.. You’ll thank us at the end of the day.

Bib pants, they’re pretty comfy !

A Burton Beeracuda Bag, to carry a cold one or two.

A tune up at Axis, so you can ride faster and jump higher.

- Axis banana bag, for the swag and usefulness.

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