Homebound spring riding

Sun is coming (finally, we swear) and we can assure you that the season is not over! Sommet Saint-Sauveur will be open until mid-May, which gives you plenty of time to land new tricks in the Silver Park.

During the past few weeks, famous Quebec riders came to try the SNOPRK Les Sommets. The boys had a lot of fun riding spring conditions on the different features. They filmed some of it and the result is pretty sick!

Check out Vincent Gagnier, Phil Casabon and Alex Bellemare during the Rockstar park shoot:

We had a lot of fun with the boys!

Seb Toots spent a few days upnorth too:

After a pretty crazy winter, Seb took a few days to enjoy spring conditions in the Laurentians. You'll see some insane tricks on features that you know too well, so take notes! 

Seb Toots ridin' home from Seb Toots on Vimeo.

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