It's time for spring slush! 🏖️

It's time for spring slush! 🏖️
23 mars 2023
Vincent Authier

Without a doubt, the period of the ski season that everyone waits for. From soft snow, to tailgates and much more, it's always the best moment to enjoy and share laps with you friends. That being said, you still have to be prepared to enjoy it fully.

We decided to make a list of things that are essential for your to make the most of your spring days spent on the mountain:

- Make sure your equipment is freshly waxed and sharp !

- Verify your straps or your equipment . Pretty sure you don't want to miss the best day of the year for a mecanical break

- Always bring 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of gloves ... They're going to get wet, no doubt!

- A camping chair to enjoy the tailgate.

- Sunglasses or ski goggles with a darker lens. Sun hits hard at this time of the year...

- Bring sunscreen and a lipstick . Otherwise, your lips are going to burn tomorow! 😅

-Different types of clothes to make sure you're not freezing of overheating .

On that, we wish you a nice spring season on the hill with your friends!✌️