Our Quebec Friends in Pyeongchang

Each year, many Quebec freestyle athletes participate to international events such as the X-Games, Dew Tour, World Cups, etc. For these 2018 Winter Olympics, many of our Quebec riders are proudly part of Team Canada in Pyeongchang.

Among these athletes, Laurie Blouin and Max Parrot already stepped on the podium this past weekend! We can’t wait to see what Alex Bellemare, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand and Kim Lamarre are gonna send during qualifiers this weekend.

It is an honor for Axis to have seen these athletes perform at some of our events. It confirms our desire to push the up-and-coming riders in the freestyle community. Who knows? Maybe the kids that got up on the JR Games podium are tomorrow’s olympians!


Laurie Blouin

is one of the only female snowboarders on the circuit to be able to land a double. Despite an injury in practice, the Quebec snowboarder made an epic comeback and won silver! Here’s a picture of Laurie before competing at the  Axis Slopestyle in 2011 where she finished 4th. She also participated to the Akamp in 2013.

A dude that quads: We saw Maxence Parrot

ride our setups in 2011 at the Axis Slopestyle as well as the Taxis Hold’em. He also won silver in Pyeongchang last weekend.

Here’s the recap video for the 2011 Axis Slopestyle… We bet some of you can even spot themselves riding !


Seb Toots!

One of the most constant riders you’ll see. We wish him the best of luck for the Big Air competition. He deserves a medal too! Seb finished 4th at Axis Slopestyle in 2009. He also participated to the 2008 and 2009 Taxis Hold’em.


Alex Bellemare

is one that we have seen quite often around here. Our boy Hay Bells participated to many Taxis Hold’em and Axis Slopestyles. Here’s a young Bellemare wearing some bright color back in 2011:


Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, or ABM,

also participated to the 2010 Taxis Hold’em and the Axis Slopestyle the same year. He finished 5th. Here’s a little throwback:


We wish the boys good luck and a lot of fun. Enjoy the ride in Pyeongchang!

Hoping to see you for the last JR Games in Edelweiss on February 24th and for the JR Axis Slopestyle on March 10th, whether you’re there to compete or as a spectator!

Slopestlye JR 

JR games




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