Rock, paper… SEND IT

Some Switch Corks 6 In

Last week, our boy Alex Bellemare participated to the SLVSH cup 2018 at GrandValira in the Pyrenees! The game between Alex and Quinn Wolferman was pretty tight. The the ref repeated it many times, beer in hand. Give it a watch to see who won, if you haven’t already done so !



We say “slush”

It all started with a friendly game between two skiers. Skaters call it SKATE, basketball players HORSE, and in the skiing world we say SLVSH. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, the winner calls a trick and here we go! You should give the videos a watch on the website, skiers can be pretty creative. They also have a Trick Library.

Founded by Matt Walker and Joss Christensen in 2014, the organisation holds a SLVSH Cup each year in a different location, they organise different games everywhere and they also launched a mobile app: SLAPP. The app lets skiers create a profile and submit videos of their different tricks. It gives everyone a chance to been seen on the web. Their instagram highlights different tricks and riders from all levels.

SLVSH keeps the original spirit of freestyle skiing alive: fun laps in the park, whatever the setup is and most of all… not too many rules!

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