The importance of a wax

For those who didn’t know

A wax is applied on the base of your skis or snowboard to protect the base and improve gliding on snow. There is always an original wax from the manufacture, but it only lasts temporarily.  

And why should I have my skis or my snowboard waxed?

Let’s put that simple:

  1. You’ll go faster.
  2. You won’t get stuck on the flat...because you’ll go faster.
  3. You can hit park features from closer... because you’ll go faster.
  4. It protects your base
  5. You’ll have more fun! Because you’ll go faster!

It’s as simple as that!

You will have optimal results if you do it often, but a couple of times during the season is good enough! The best time to get a was though, is when the weather is changing… like right now! Also, if your base is getting white and chalky, it’s time for a wax!

Drop by for your spring wax!

Go faster, higher, slash a buddy!

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