Upnorth boys: Team Fresh Air for the win !

Upnorth boys: Team Fresh Air for the win !

From urban to backcountry. ‘Cause yep, backcountry is so hot right now!

This year, UNMARKED replaced the Stairs Masters to show that, yes, there’s POW in Quebec.

Wishing for a last big snow storm before we say goodbye to winter, here is team FRESH AIR video

48 HOURS: Time is ticking ! Like and share to help the guys win UNMARKED.

Our boys Zach Aller, Dave Brown, Chris Cloutier with one of the founder of AXIS Phil ‘CHOUIN’ Chouinard are proud to rally their passion, experience and talent to present you this 2 minutes of pure stokedness!

The guys knocked on the right door (Chouin’s door) to be assured to find the best backcountry spots in the Laurentians.

You will also recognize Murdochville’s iconic terrain, a region gaining in popularity as the years go by.

Good job boys !

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